L7. Ursula Tischner

This was a very fascinating lecture to me. It started quite shocking with a lot of devastating facts about our lifestyles. Not necessarily new, but still like a punch in the face when you get to see the hard facts. Personally, I have also thought a lot about this and even asked the question if I am even studying the right thing when you see all the negative consequences that the profession partly could be held responsible for. 

IDD . the short ones

Altogether I liked the collection of lectures. They have truly widen my horizon. Below there are short summaries and comments for the first six lectures.

L1. Andrey Sudarikov

This was a very interesting workshop and lecture! The portfolio of Playdisplay has some really advanced projects, and it was fascinating to hear about how it is to work as a designer in Russia. I liked the starightforwardness of the workshop, and it was fascinating to see the procedure working with projects of that size.