Florian Doppel Prix_IS IT ART OR CAN WE TOSS IT?

The first thing I noticed in this lecture was the surroundings, I think it was very funny to hold the lecture in a garden. However, this made the acoustics a bit worse, because of the wind and the train in the background.

Florian Doppel Prix has been working for over 20 years for various media installations and has gained a lot of experience.  

I really enjoyed, watching those Installations. The most are interactive, that invite you to explore. I think interactive exhibitions give the whole thing that extra something. Even though exhibition design and sound design are not really my thing, I found it exciting to get a look behind the scenes and the work involved.

Some co-created exhibitions are:

2017_Niederösterreichische Landesausstellung
This exhibition was created with the help of own phantom picture painters, there was a Gamification in a touch-wall and he found out that audio feedback was also important for the exhibition. All in all an incredible 900 meters of cable were laid.

Melina Esterhazy
The challenge of this exhibition was the 360 degree projection.

2016_U2 and U5 Underground Exhibition
This exhibition provides an insight into tunnel construction, even the vibrations of the machine are simulated.

What is important:
_ Content, not technology
_ prototyping, but not rocket science
_ budgets are crucial
_ computers don’t make it easier
_ 40/40/20% rule – 40% special knowledge, 40% common sense, 20% luck

After seeing the lecture, I realized how much work and technology is behind some exhibitions and how creative you sometimes have to be. In summary, I enjoyed the lecture very much.