International Design Discourse – little summary

  1. Andrey Sudarikov: was a Russian designer which focussed on AR, Interaction and Game Design. He talked about very big and international design projects. A project which sticked to my mind the most was the one about the museum, where he tried to make exhibitions interesting for everyone.
  2. Saskia Schmidt: talked about her path of being a graphic designer and at the end about working independently. I loved her style of presentation and the insights and tipps she gave us.
  3. Astrid Kury: is the director of Akademie Graz and talked about how important it is to collaborate in our community. You can create unique solutions with different expertises, which is also important to me.
  4. Florian Doppel-Prix: he showed the importance of working with a concept. He gave some interesting insights of his projects and I really like his sentence about „everything is manageable“.
  5. Burcin Cem Arabacioglu: he made clear that designers have a great impact about presenting sustainability and passing it on to other people. 
  6. Sylwia Ulicka: this lecture was unfortunately a bit hard to follow and I kinda struggled to get everything she said. But it was interesting to hear her opinion on material culture and that we should think and reflect about it more.
  7. Ursula Tischner: her talk was about the topic sustainability, and designing sustainable systems and that we as designers should integrate it more in our designs that people can rethink their actions.
  8. Anastasia and Martin Lesjak: they talked about their interdisciplinary studio in Graz and which projects they made so far. I liked the different fields they work in and how they for example combined architecture, exhibition design and fashion. 
  9. Wolfgang Schlag: his lecture was about radio work and which was very interesting, because I don’t know a lot about it and its history. He also mentioned that he thinks radio will stay a long time even though there’s the Internet.