New Semester, new topic

Last semester I used my Design and Research time for the topic of minimalism. Since I got the feeling of not gaining too much out of it, I decided to change the topic. As I already have a background and high passion for interior design, I wanted to combine it with graphic design, where I’m most interested in coporate Identity. Inspired by design agencies like Atelier Karasinksi or Anagrama I realized the best way for me is not to choose between my passions, but rather combine them to add even more value to my work.  

So the question I am going to deal with is: how can the various design disciplines be combined to create a comprehensive brand experience?

The main goal will be to find out a lot about the possibilities and advantages of each design discipline and how they are influencing each other, by reading literature and also analyzing already existing concepts. I hope this will build a good foundation for my master thesis, where I am thinking about creating a holistic integrated brand identity.