Design Discourse Summary

In this post I want to summarize all international design lectures. It was quite interesting and also so various to get insights from experts in different kind of design fields.

01 Andrey Sudarikov
Andrey Sudarikov is a Russian designer. In his lecture he talks about projects he realized with his studio. They are mainly in the field of AR, interaction design and mixed media installations.

02 Saskia Schmidt
Saskia Schmidt talks in her lecture about her career and her way to the her independence. She points out how important it is to build a network.

03 Astrid Kury
Astrid Kury is director of the academy Graz. In her lecture she reports about the importance of collaboration in our society especially when working in an interdisciplinary team for different projects.

04 Florian Doppel-Prix
Florian Doppel-Prix gives in his lecture “Is it art or can we toss it” insights into his world of exhibition design. The projects are very varied and interesting at the same time. But unfortunately you can sometimes not understand him well because of the surroundings.

05 Burcin Cem Arabacioglu
Burcin Cem Arabacioglu is a professor from Istanbul. In his lecture “Sustainability from interior design perspective” he talks about the rapidly growing population and the ecological consequences. To be honest I had a rather hard time to follow the lecture.

06 Sylwia Ulicka
Sylwia Ulicka is a researcher and professor from Puebla, Mexico. In her lecture she talks about the importance of sustainability and criticizes the consumption of the society. In her opinion, designers can make a great contribution to an ecological future. I find the perspective very interesting because we are quite familiar with the topic of sustainability right now after this semester.

07 Ursula Tischner
Ursula Tischner also reports in her lecture about nowadays consumer behaviour and the waste of ressources. The role of a designer is very important because we have a big influence on the society to make other people aware of this topic and also engage them to make a positive contribution to the planet.

08 INNOCAD and 13&9
Anastasia and Martin Lesjak present their architectural office INNOCAD and product design office 13&9. The project of the Solar Innovation Center was very interesting because they play with light and color and even implement sounds.

09 Wolfgang Schlag
In his lecture Wolfgang Schlag gives an overview of the history of radio and the importance of this medium. In his opinion, the radio will survive despite the Internet and other new media.