Lecture #1 – Andrey Sudarikov: Playdisplay

I really liked the Sudarikov lecture so I decided to write more about it. He presents three projects in total and I think it was cool to vote for it beforehand. Shortly about the person: Andrey Sudarikov is a designer from Russia and founder of „Playdsiplay“. It’s a studio from Moscow which focuses on interactive installations and mixed-media-installationen. They also build large exhibition for bigger companies in the asian market.

Project 1: Let your colors take flight

The first project was about an augmented reality installation for the Changi airport. One camera was placed on the right and one on the left of a video screen. One camera was placed above the screen, which filmed a drawing surface that was placed in front of the screen. The idea of this project was that you could paint airplanes on a sheet of paper and transfer these paintings to a 3D model. The team used already existing materials like models of airplanes from computer games and screenshots from Google Earth. I really liked it because everyone gets the possibility to design something with simple things like a pencil and a sheet of paper.
Sudarikov also mentioned that the project would probably look different if his team were doing it today and that he actually got all his jobs from acquaintances and that shows how important networking is.

Project 2: Interactive Trampoline

The second project is an interactive trampoline combined with a big screen which was placed at an airport and also later in shopping malls. The faster and higher you jumped, the faster you became on the screen and you also could collect extra points. So how does it work? There is a HTC belt which tracks the movement and position and sent the data via Bluetooth to the game. Sudarikov also talks about problems during the presentation. The project will be developed further because of its success. I like also the mix of analogue and digital environment combined with gamification.

Project 3: Stalingrad Exhibition

The third project was created for a museum. A panoramic video was projected in a circular room. The consequences of the Second World War were shown in an immersive experience. He also mentioned that they had some issues with communicating with the client and ask for permission. I saw some similar exhibition in Berlin about the history of the city and I really like these immersive videos.

All in all Sudarikov is a really entertaining guy and talks about insights of the design process and also that problems often could occur. His approach to design was very interesting and the way he interacts with the team and clients.