IDD . the short ones

Altogether I liked the collection of lectures. They have truly widen my horizon. Below there are short summaries and comments for the first six lectures.

L1. Andrey Sudarikov

This was a very interesting workshop and lecture! The portfolio of Playdisplay has some really advanced projects, and it was fascinating to hear about how it is to work as a designer in Russia. I liked the starightforwardness of the workshop, and it was fascinating to see the procedure working with projects of that size. 

L2. Saskia Schmidt

Es war eine inspirirende vorlesung wo Frau Schmidt viele schöne Projekte gezeigt hat. Besonders hat mich Fas Hotel Rever projekt gefallen, da es zeigt das es selbst heute in dieser beschleunigten Zeit noch Raum für Träume und Geschichten gibt. Eines der besseren Vorträge in dieser Reihe, besonders was die “Aufnahmetechnik” betrifft!!

L3. Astrid Kury

I also see collaboration as a very powerful tool to create great output. The definition of a participant as someone who is actively involved in a project, where „both sides“ are likely in benefit, i liked very much. Truly inspiring was also the example of the agency „La Casa del Carlota“. I really appreciated the collaboration going on, and the individual freedom each participant has to evolve. 

L4. Florian Doppel-Prix

Doppel-Prix talked about media installations and the very close relationship between the artistical content and the technology behind it. It is a lot more to it than it seems from the final exhibited piece; A real mess as he calls it. But I think it is an interesting mess, that also asks for a lot of creativity to produce the content of creatives.

L5. Burcin-Cem-Arabacioglu

Arabacioglu talked about sustainability in smart citys. It was a clear outline oft he problem, with some wuite interesting histotical facts. Further he made clear the difficulties there are fort he general puplic to adapt to the actual climate crisis there is. Arabacioglu pointed out the human ability to change to a new normal now in the corona-times, and this could be a good example that it is not impossible to act against towards the ongoing climate crisis. 

L6. Sylwia Ulicka

An informative lecture with some fundamental definitions on sustainability. Ulicka showed some very interesting student projects concerning also social sustainability. I think it was a quite interesting talk also reflecting upon the role of the designer in the world of today.