Live keyboard performance sound manipulation using a Multi Touch Interface

The idea of creating a multi touch interface of controls for keyboarders on a widespread medium such as an iPad is very promising. Up until now, keyboarder during a live performance had to use one hand to alter the sound they produce by changing the state of a knob, button or a fader etc. In case multiple parameters were required to be changed at the same time during a live performance, it was impossible to achieve that by using just one hand while taking into consideration the relative distance between one physical control on the keyboard to another. By developing this multi touch application, the keyboarders can alter multiple parameters of their sound using just one hand, with gestures, swipes and finger count, in the most intuitive way possible. Tests conducted by the developer team in cooperation with professional keyboarders show that the application can become intuitive after a small amount of practice. The application works by setting up gestures and parameters by the keyboarder beforehand and then applied during the live performance. With this application the live performance can come closer to the production of the same sound that could be produced in the studio.