Lecture #1 – Andrey Sudarikov

Andrey Sudarikov is a designer from Moscow. He is the founder of the company PlayDisplay, which mainly realizes VR/AR projects and interactive installations. A few days before his lecture we had the possibility to vote on three of his projects, he then talked about.

Project #1 – Let your colours take flight

This was a project for the Changi airport during Singapore Air Show in 2016. People were able to colour a printed airplane and scan and map it afterwards on flying Augmented Reality airplanes. They used the same technology also for another project where kids could map their drawing on cars. 

Project #2 – Interactive trampoline

This was also a project for Changi Airport. Therefore they placed trampolines at the airport and visitors had the possibility to jump through the virtual airport and collect items. There were also obstacles the player hat to avoid. They used HTC Vive belt for tracking. He also talked about some technical issues they had right before the opening, because of too many bluetooth signals at the same time.

Project #3 – Stalingrad Exhibition

The third project was for a museum, where they rebuild Stalingrad before, during and after war. They made a circular installation and also used an audio composition in order to create an immersive experience. He said it was really hard to rebuild the buildings after the bombing.

It was a really interesting lecture, he gave detailed insight into their projects and also described problems that occurred during the process.