Summary International Design Discourse

Here is a short summery of the other International Design Discourse lectures.

Lecture #3 – Astrid Kury

Astrid Kury is the director of Akademie Graz. In her lecture Why collaborate she talked about why it is important to collaborate with other creatives of different fields. She also talks about inclusion.

Lecture #4 – Florian Doppel-Prix

Is it art or can we toss it? was a lecture about exhibition design and how to make it most interesting by incorporating interaction. He also talks about planning these concepts. 

Lecture #5 – Burcin Cem Arabacioglu

In his lecture Sustainability from interior design perspective Burcin Cem Arabacioglu talks about what aspects (political, economical, cultural) must be considered in order to create sustainable design/products.

Lecture #6 – Sylwia Ulicka

Sylwia Ulicka is a designer, professor and researcher from Mexico. In her lecture Questioning Material Culture she talks about how design can contribute to sustainability. She also criticizes our consumerist society and talks about designing provocative in order to make society re-think

Lecture #7 – Ursula Tischner

The lecture Better Future: By Design Or By Disaster? by Ursula Tischner was about designing sustainable systems. She also criticizes our consumerist and waste society. 

„We’re trashing the planet, we’re trashing the people and we’re not even having fun.“

Lecture #9 – Wolfgang Schlag

The journalist Wolfgang Schlag talks about Radio Work, where he shares his experience and the history of radio. He speaks about the importance of the medium radio and why it will still be there in the future. It always is and was a tool of communication, especially for politics.