During this lecture, I realized that, like in the previous lecture from Astrid Kury, you cannot work in isolation from other people. And it can be completely different people, professions and areas of activity. Everything can intersect even within the framework of one project. Especially if we are talking about creative specialties.

During the lecture, he also spoke about the projects on which he worked during his career in the last 20 years. They were all more associated with the art of music, sounds and various media. He presented a great job Cat-X – the company, which specializes mainly in exhibition design and multimedia.

Almost all the projects that he showed are interactive and work to immerse the visitor of the exhibition in a certain atmosphere.

After watching this lecture, the art of creating an exhibition became more understandable for me. It’s not as simple as it seems, there is always something can go wrong, you can always be unpredictable problems that need to be solved.

He also mentioned at the end that interesting and funny things are not what runs the company and keeps it moving. Here are some important stuff that can help in the creative process:

  • It’s about content, not technology
  • Prototyping, but not rocket science
  • Budgets are critical
  • Computers can do some of your work, but it don’t make it easy
  • 40/40/20% rule

The rule of 100% consists of

  • 40% of specific and technical knowledge
  • 40% of common sense, basic knowledge
  • 20% is a luck but you shouldn’t believe it and continue to work and improve yourself