In this lecture, Professor at the University of Istanbul, where this city is also a city of design in Turkey, spoke about environmental friendliness, sustainability and conscious design in terms of architecture and interior design. This topic is very close and interesting to me, since I did this at my bachelor’s degree. But, to my great chagrin, it was extremely difficult to follow the lecture due to the low quality of the sound, which did not allow me to concentrate.

The lecture begins with a story about Istanbul and the problems that it encountered, and which can and should be solved. Project concepts today often cannot be sustainable and environmentally friendly due to the pursuit by construction companies of other goals that do not intersect with the interests of the environment and, in some cases, even a resident of the city! I observe the same trend in my own country, although in recent years in large cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow the situation with the construction of new architecture has been slowly improving.

I believe that this situation should be improved by educating of people, explaining and showing also what is good and what is bad. After all, people – this is the main consumer. A Mr. Burcin said that the concept of sustainability is not initialized and understandable for most people.

Sustainable city should be a place with a minimum energy requirement which can not be renewed. TTo achieve sustainability in cities, there are Briam criteria for interior designers that include health and satisfaction with energy water and materials that classify cities and help improve the situation.

In the end, to improve something globally, you need to start with a small step – from yourself. And starting with ourselves, we will be able to implement large-scale changes, building a sustainable and environmental friendly environment in bricks, preserving our planet and life at all.