#07 Ursula Tischner – Keynote at Relating System Thinking and Design Symposium

We trashing the planet, we crashing the planet and not even have fun! 

A great talk about sustainability underlined with quite interesting facts. Ursula Tischner talks about the importance of Sustainability concerning design solutions. She highlights that our consumption (the rich of the world) is the problem number one causing global warming. Because 80% of all the environment impacts are caused by consumption.

She is interested in the power of the crowd and into open source tools and want to produce more radical sustainable solutions.  She works on a platform that calls “sustainability maker” and is “the world first innovative platform for sustainable solutions – combining Crowd Sourcing, crowd Voting, Crowd Funding and an Online shop.” She shows great examples from challenges the platform offers. I liked the ideas and output of the “How to reduce the waste from coconut production”.  She mentioned sustainable has to become less serious again and should offer solutions which make fun. As examples she highlighted a sustainable dancefloor Rotterdam

and the website: funtheory.com – which shows fun intervention in public space (music stairs, world deepest waste bin).  I also believe Sustainability has to become less serious again and easily accessible, that’s why I think her platform, “sustainability maker”, is a really great idea.