Lectures summarized

In the following statements I want to give some sentences to the videos that were interesting but not as much as the other three I mentioned longer. Just some general thoughts.

#3 Astrid Kury – Why collaborate

Astrid Kurys lecture was special because of art presenting inequality in the combination with design. As a tool to present hard topics to change the mind of people it made me think about it. Even if I could not imagine doing something like presenting poverty like she does was somehow interesting.

#4 Florian Doppel Prix – “Is it Art or Can we Toss it…?”

In this lecture Florian showed us several installations that he worked on. The curious thing about his projects often was that he made some combination of digital and analog elements put together in something interactive. He even described the process of planning and how he gets to the final result. The most interesting thing for me was how he described the beginning. There he mentioned that he is always trying and testing. I even liked that idea and it shows me that the best way is often to try.

#6 Sylwia Ulicka – Material Culture

In this lecture it was somehow a bit disappointing that she read all of her paper. Even though she had really cool ideas of sustainability in eco-efficiency to deliver a higher value.

#7 Ursula Tischner – Designmonat-Graz Lecture

Like the other two lectures before this lecture was about sustainability. The difference was that her idea of sustainable systems is a more radical way in my opinion by looking at the point of consumption. The idea of using the crowd as a resource of knowledge to solve problems of sustainability is very interesting.

#8 Klanglicht – Space/Light/Sound

Im impressed by their project in Dubai. Combinating light with color is something for persuation. Even the other projects are somehow impressive. I mean clothing a building in someway of a golden cut the idea is special.

#9 Wolfgang Schlager – Radio Work

It was like I expected it. Radio is a medium that is important and I think always will be. Think about sitting in the car without radio. The information issue today is the same like years before even for the political information’s like he describes it.