Saskia took us on her journey to her self-employment, she told us about her struggles and education she was able to work for herself.

She is a former IND11(12) student, struggled with a course and was so able to do an internship at En Garde in Graz. There she learned to work freely, with different materials and about typography.

Her studies continued and later she had the opportunity to work at Studio Grau in Berlin. She gave the advice to not choose the agency for an internship because they are known, its better to choose because of the and I am totally with her in this argument.

Within Studio Grau she learned more about materials, book bindings and book covers.

Later she returned to Graz to try to be self-employed but that didn’t worked at first try and not at the second because of some other opportunities which enriched her with more and more connections to other agencies and designers.

At the moment she is completely self-employed but is still working for and with former employers.