DESIGN LECTURE – 04 and missing

Florian Doppel Prix is working on different media installations for 20 years now. Before that he was a production manager, so his function included planning exhibitions, he was responsible for the budged, deciding how everything will be payed and by whom… and also was part of the technical setup.

He also introduced is team of co-workers. The members do have a background in media, sound, composition art and programming. In this context he showed a project of a robotic drawing machine. I really love the outcome.

Himself studied a lot of different programs, is co-founder of a gallery with mostly sound art and works for the manufacturer Kaulbach (amplifiers). He loves the combination of music, technology and being creative.

Within his presentation he took us with him on some sound installations he did with his company cat-x.

Haus der Geschichte
With this big exhibition he a lot to do, there were some placement issue and the space for the samples went out.

Niederösterreischische Landesausstellung
Gamification in a touch-wall. Important here is the audio feedback, at yes, I also have the view that sound makes something like that much more fun.

Melina Esterhazy
Underground Exhibition

Pendulum monitor, shows old statue.
I was surprised that such an old monitor can work with sensors 😀

“important stuff:
Content, not technology. (Concept is much more important)
prototyping, but not rocket science (experimenting is very helpful for later on in the project)
budgets are crucial
computers don’t make it easier (so true)
40/40/20% rule”

Astrid Kury is presenting the topic inclusion and what it means and what kind of work it is to work interdisciplinary. He has the opinion that everybody can help and be a part. For sure there are different ways to help, so everybody can find his place.

She wants to think us about lengthen the durability of products and, specially materials and the values we have.
For sure there will always be companies which just think of the money, but them we need to minimize.

Ursula Tischner was about Sustainability in a presentation from 2015 in Canada. Its about product design, and that we as normal people can change stuff and have a social impact.
‘Social changes will be need, it’s a lot about industry policy, consumers how we live together.’

They introduced us to their companies INNOCAD and 13&9 and showed the number of awards they got. INNOCAD is about architecture in every thinkable area and 13&9 is focusing on product design.
In my private life I am really interested in light and architecture so that was a perfect lecture for me.
You can clearly see that they know what they do and think about colors/light and the combination with sound and art performances.

Wolfgang Schlag talked about the beginning and changing in public radio industry and that he thinks radio will be important also in the future. He is working for Ö1 and made a lot of experience through his life (also worked for ‘ARTE’).