Some thoughts

After summarizing and reflecting on my favorite three lectures I now have some thoughts about the other lectures.

Florian Doppel Prix:
First, what I immediately connect with his talk is of course the cat! 🙂 

Unfortunately I’m not that much into exhibition and sound design. However, it was a very interesting talk and it was nice to have a look at the installations and to get a feeling for what happens behind the scenes, especially technically! 

Andrey Sudarikov:
What really stuck in my mind for weeks (or months in the meantime) from his talk was the project about the plane that could be colored analog and would change in digital afterwards! I was impressed of the fusion of analog drawings and 3D modeling. However, I was really amazed by his other projects too. 

Burcin Cem Arabacioglu:
Prof. Burcin Cem Arabacioglu’s talk dealt with the topics sustainable architecture and interior design. He explained what would be required in order to develop or produce sustainable products. I have to say that, for me, it sometimes was not very easy to follow his talk. 

Anastasija & Martin Lesjak:
I loved their holistic approach and how they consequently persist on working interdisciplinary! I think that their way of designing (focusing on the process) and working transdisciplinary are the key to their unique and outstanding projects. 

Astrid Kury: 
I really liked Astrid Kury’s talk and it was really inspiring in my opinion. I personally am very interested on the topic inclusion concerning design and therefore loved her project „La Casa de Carlota“.

Ursula Tischner: 
Her talk „Better future: By design or by disaster?“ really reminded me on how impressive and impactful statistics can be! Especially the fact that only 1% of designed products are still used after six months is just crazy. Of course, this is nothing new to us, however it stayed in my mind. All in all I think her talk was very informative, inspiring and well structured.