Bewertung der externen Masterarbeit

Non-Linear Narrative Structures in Contemporary Cinema

DIPLOMARBEIT of Valentina Schasché – Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften

1. Level of Design

The diplomarbeitNon-Linear Narrative Structures in Contemporary Cinema” has many graphs, and illustrations in order to make the text clearer. It is very common to use illustrations in texts that are written about storytelling, so i think it is very much required. 

2. Degree of Innovation

As much as I find the topic interesting, and also the movies that were taken as examples in this paper, i can’t find any innovation. The goal was to check what is the current situation in American movies and how the different narratives in nonlinear ways of telling a story are used. Also before this paper one could say that there are many ways of telling a nonlinear narrative. 

3. Independence

As for independence, it seems to me that the author put a lot of thought into it. The movies that were picked are decisions that could lead the trail to where she wanted it to lead.

4. Outline and Structure 

The paper is divided into three parts: just like a movie script should be, and also are called in the same way. To me, it makes sense, it makes it clear and has a nice connection to the topic of course. 

5. Degree of Communication

I would grade The communication degree in the paper as good. It is very understandable, and also self explanatory. I dislike it when I feel that one writes in a high level of language for no real reason. The idea, as i see it, is that such knowledge should be accessible to everyone, and this is the feeling i get from reading this paper. 

6. Scope of Work

As the paper contains 93 pages, I would say it is quite fine. In my opinion there is enough there for the theory part , maybe one or two movies more could make it better. Something I will definitely take in  mind for my paper. 

7. Orthography

I enjoyed reading this paper, it is thanks for the fact that  I am interested in the topic of course, but also because the writing way was fluent, made sense and there were no misunderstandings that might appear as a result of bad grammatic or typo’s. 

8. Literature

To write this paper, there has been a use of over 40 different literature sources, including, online. Besides that, also the movies themselves.