Reflection on lectures

Andrey Sudarikov – “Design Lecture”

I enjoyed andreys lecture very much, one of the reasons is, thanks to the fact, that I could feel how much he is into what he is involved in, which grabs the listener into his lecture.

Besides that, the fact that he is trying to show the hall procedure of the project is really interesting and gives a lot of important information. For example, while explaining about the project I was mostly impressed by (the museum in volgograd), he said that that frozen moment of the soldiers while the camera is still moving, is actually a budget reason that had to become a “language used in the video”. I really appreciate it when a speaker is giving more aspects for one decision to really share his knowledge, and i think that Andrey did it all along his lecture which made it very informative,

The projects themselves show how much creativeness is required but at the same time how much preparations and planning. I think that with andrey showing his projects from the beginning until the final result, it is possible to imagine the real world of designer’s daily work,

Saskia Schmidt – “WORK WORK BALANCE”

Saskia is sharing with us her professional life journey as a designer. I always enjoyed autobiographical stories, this way one can really relate to the story.

Through her story she is also showing her projects and telling how she got to the ideas of what she finally made.

Also the way she divided her lecture was great and made it even easier to follow. During her lecture I couldn’t stop myself from getting reminded of my own journey that I went through until today, but at the same time maybe understanding where I went wrong and also learning from those mistakes.

Part 4 was the one where I found myself thinking of the time I started a job for the wrong reasons, I didn’t want to be a freelancer anymore, so i joined a hitech company as a project manager.the problem was that I had no interest in the outcome of what I did. That’s when I figured out that, when the main goal of the whole project isn’t something I truly care for, I will have a bad feeling about myself because of not giving enough effort. So eventually, all sides are losing. 

After being on both sides, self employed as well as a company employee i can say I would still prefer being an employee but not if I am not interested enough in the outcome of what i am working on.

Wolfgang Schlager – “RADIO WORK”

As I was having my first ever course in radio production (2008) in my bachelor, one of the major topics in the first few meetings was: what changes are about to happen in radio, if it is gonna be consumed as much as it was back then.

Today it is quite clear that radio is not going anywhere. As Wolfgang mentions, the radio has a few advantages in other media and I would like to add a few of my own thoughts to that.

As mentioned, the radio is more of a simple medium, as one speaks not necessarily planned too much, clearly not as films or most of other visual contents. Besides it is a medium that provides content that one can consume using only one sense, which gives the option to do something else meanwhile. I think we also like to listen to people speaking, telling us their own opinions, their understanding  of situations or just clever interpretations.  

This is also the reason that radio is still playing a big role in politics, because it has a good option of influencing the listeners.

To conclude- radio is not going anywhere

Other Lectures

Lecture 3

Astrid Kury: Why collaborate

I believe that Astrid Kury is very much right about the idea that creative people should work together. For me the main reason is because creativeness is feeding others while being fed by others creativity. This way a group could get to better results.

Lecture 4

Florian Doppel Prix – “IS IT ART OR CAN WE TOSS IT?”

From all what Florian showed I loved most the idea of showing what his customers think that he is doing and what his relatives think he is doing.

I could relate to that very much as I always felt my parents never understood what I was really doing as a film production manager. 

Lecture 6

Sylwia Ulicka – Questioning Our Material Culture

I find the topic of this lecture very interesting and important as well. Using design to make a real difference is a blessed way to use creativity.