A good network is everything – Lecture with Saskia Schmidt

Saskia Schmidt talks about her personal path to independence with a few stops along the way, which were very useful for her and which she would not want to miss.

Saskia comes from Germany, where she learned media design combined with a job in a very classical agency in Remscheid at the beginning of her career, where she was not yet able to live out her creativity to the fullest. That’s why she decided to study afterwards and finally ended up in the IND11 course in Graz

During her studies she was able to do an internship at En Garde, where she learned what she wanted to learn in the sense of working freer, looking more into the creative process or working with different materials. After the internship at En Garde she did an internship at Studio Grau in connection with Wednesday Paper Works in Berlin, where she learned a lot about paper and finishing. After her studies she started at an agency and soon realized that she didn’t feel 100% comfortable with the work there. So she started at Von K on the side and later quit her first job. Which leads us to a central sentence that she can recommend to each of us.

After that she had the chance to work for En Garde again and later for Studio Grau as a substitute for her former boss. Then she moved back to Graz and there she started her own business.

Through her network, which she had built up in the years before, she was now able to land interesting projects and to realize them partly with the support of friends.

To sum up, I can only agree with Saskia that a network of creative people in the industry can be so helpful to do interesting projects and also to collaborate in many ways. Thats also what I wish for in the future of being a designer.