Research method 1

At this point, my aim is to examine whether nonlinear storytelling is chosen for artistic reasons only, or whether this decision derives from the narrative that is being told. The question I am asking is: Are there stories that must be told in a nonlinear way so they will be appealing and/or even understandable for an audience? 

Right now I am getting more familiar with the basic theories of ideal and appropriate ways of storytelling. 

I am using articles and books written by script writers whose theories had a significant impact on the ways stories are being told in movies and on TV in the last decades.This will be essential for me in order to be able to accomplish my next step: analyse nonlinear movie scripts. 

Also, I have put together a list of movies that I would like to analyze:

Citizen Kane


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Molly’s Game

Most likely I will analyze other movies as well in order to get a more comprehensive overview on the subject.

Something that I’m not too sure about yet is if I will be able to find any other way besides rebuilding the scenes in a linear way and follow if the basic methods of storytelling could be kept in order to tell the story in an ideal way. So, to establish a precise and practicable methodology will be the next goal I have set for myself.