Reviving my Theory

Since I started writing the Expos’e, the idea of writing the thesis became more real to me and I got nervous about it actually. It did help me to form a method for checking if my hypothesis is true or not but besides that it stressed me out. It made me start thinking mainly about what I should write for a script, something that I will also be able to film, and that will somehow be possible to clarify by using a nonlinear narrative which then made me think if I’m losing the objective point and so on.. Yes, it’s clear, I became really confused and nervous. 

I got reminded that I know someone who is dealing with these kind of stuff all the time, my wife Anna, who is writing her Ph.D. right now, and tells me quite often how in the last few days she got stuck and full with doubts and somehow by speaking to some people and reading some more, she got back on track, so I called her and it was definitely a great idea. 

Anna reminded me why my theory does make sense, she said : “take memento for example, the story most probably been written linearly but was eventually edited to a non linear film to clarify the story better and especially because that this is how we (the viewers) could experience what the hero in the movie is experiencing”. It is so so right, because as the audience we develop such a great empathy towards “Leonard Shelby” the protagonist in the movie “Memento”. The empathy developing, which is one of the most important aspects for a story to be good, is thanks to the fact we see the world from his point of view, and this is the way the story is being told, by hints, non linearity, confusion all these are pulling us to Leonard’s own world. This movie would have most likely lost a lot of its greatness if it was linear but even more important also the clarity.

While writing these lines, an idea came to my mind, maybe I could write a script about writing this thesis, as it has a clear goal and an evolvement of character during the procedure it might work, linear and nonlinear. I just need to think of how to make it interesting. well.. based on a real life story is good enough.