Then and now- how could it help me?

While getting more familiar with the avant garde movement, which actually asked out loud ”why do things have to be done in this way and not in another way” I got more and more into my theme. 

I think that in order to ask such questions in those times, required quite special characteristics from those who decided to “say” something in that matter. The growing connection between  politics and art in the first few decades of the last century, made that issue very important. 

In my opinion, it seems that without it, we would have missed a huge part of the content in our times.

That leads me of course to relate to the nonlinear storytelling, But, at least the 80S and 90S movies by some theories are being part of the postmodernism movement.  And if I would try to give a name to the time we are living in today, referring to film and tv content with the use of nonlinear storytelling, it is almost kitsch. It’s amazing to see in how many documentary series, movies and normal series, the nonlinear method is being used, in many times it’s not the main theme of the story but it is being used as a method to tell the story. 

In documentaries for example the movement from time to another is being explained while in non documenting contents it usually is not. I think it is an interesting thing to check why that is. That might help me figure if the intention of the creator is to help the viewer where we are on the timeline has to do with understanding if the use of the nonlinear is artistic or is it because it is a need in order to be able to tell the story.