Despite the fact that Sylvia had amazing lecture material on the ideas of sustainability and eco-efficiency, it was a disappointment to see her reading all the articles from the sheet.

In this lecture, Sylvia casts doubt on the material culture, it refers to the fact that we as designers must strive to achieve sustainability in everything, and for this it is necessary to identify as many ways tools and techniques, as well as to understand what and are better.

Despite the huge amount of talk about this on the part of politicians, really significant things have not been done, there is never a residual effort to do this.

As a rule, such projects require more resources and costs, and economic growth is always a priority. And sustainability must take into account many factors: social, environmental, economic.

Sylvia also presented the projects of her students who work in this field and are engaged in this approach. Showing these examples, Sylvia encourages designers, especially the new generation, to be bolder, not afraid to protest, to be sincere, not afraid to ask questions to themselves and society, not afraid to answer them and work, taking off their pink glasses.

“Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet there own needs.”

In my opinion, this proposal very well summarizes the goal to which we must strive in society.