Despite the fact that this symposium and presentation by Ursula Tisher was recorded back in 2015, this topic is still very relevant. At this presentation, Tisher talked about the problems of social and environmental policy.

I was stunned when she said that only 1% of what is produced and produced every day will still work fully and will retain its worthy appearance after 6 months! It’s really terrible, terrible to realize with what a waste of humanity belongs to the nature of the resource. And we are all responsible for this! Every designer today must think several times before to create something. We must ask ourselves: “What do I want to create? Is it necessary? Is that really a useful thing? How to make this thing more environmentally friendly, recyclable and long-lived?”

She sees that one of the variants to solve this problem is attracting and educating as many people as possible, giving them the opportunity to see or even participate in the process of creating the product. Also, she calls “entertainment” as an important factor that will attract people to this. As an example, she shows a trash can, which produces a variety of sounds, when a person throws something inside.

We trashing the planet, we crashing the planet and not even have fun!”