#03 Astrid Kury – Why Collaborate?

„In what world we want to life in. In a rather competitive, isolated, egoistic one, or in one where we share our ideas and aim for the best outcome together?“ That quote from Astrid Kury summarize quite well what the lecture (and also she as a person) is about. Astrid Kury talks about the importance of collaborations and co-work. The complexity of information nowadays isn’t manageable by a single person. She believes more people bring more expertise and better solutions. The focus of her projects lies in community projects and projects which have social impact. It’s about putting away your ego away and create something together, with full participation of everyone, creator and visitor. Her projects focus on real social challenges and point out topics which are uncomfortable, like poverty or disability. I like the direction of her projects and I really like her example for: magical power of collaboration … 1+2=5 or even more!