#04 Florian Doppel Prix – Is it still art or can we toss it?

“How do you get cars on a roof… Everybody said: “It’s not gonna happen, it’s not gonna happen… but eventually it did.” One of my favourite lectures.

Cats, Dogs and trains, everything you need :).  And of course, the great showcase about projects using Sensors, Mapping and Interaction. And a showcase of fails. I loved the “Interactive Touchwall” (Niederösterreichische Landesaustellung 2017). A great guideline for Interaction Designers who plan to make produce and publish an interactive installation. So, let’s talk about:

Important stuff…

…content, not technology
…prototyping, but not rocket science
…budgets are crucial
…computers don’t make it easier
…40/40/20 % rule 
(40% technological knowledge – 40% basic knowledge/Hausverstand – 20% Luck)

Things you should keep in mind. You couldn’t summarize it better.