Andrey Sudarikov was talking about some of his projects, we decided on. Some days before his lecture we were able to vote for the topics we are interested in the most.

Most excited I was for the animated widescreen video, since we visited exhibition Berlin where something similar was shown.

Together with his company he realized a lot of media projects in field of Augmented and Virtual reality for the Russian and Asian market. Those two topics are, especially for us, media, and interaction designers, interesting and a good overview for what is possible within a big company and how a real working environment looks like. He also talked about technical problems they had during the projects, setting up etc.

He is mostly in planning but he also does some basic 3d stuff and graphic design and he seemed really enthusiastic about, specially when its about planes.

Andrey spoke about three projects (in addition also about his favorite):

This was a project which was shown in different ways and countries. It started with an toy for kids, where it was possible to draw on paper and later map that into some augmented reality app. (used Unity)
Later the company used this technology for an airport in Russia.
And in addition to that it was later in shown in Chicago which the head of the Singapore airport visited and he gave them a job for his airport, two years later.

This was a game, mainly for kids, where it was able to control a plane with jumping on an trampoline.
That was done with the help of HTC Vive and some sensors.

He also told us about a technical problem they had shortly before opening. Really liked he did that; technical problems could occur also in big companies 😉

Here we saw a project for a museum about the second world war and history of Volgograd/Stalingrad. It was about the buildings and air fights in those times. They did the 3D models with old pictures for the rendering to use it for the circle projection in one room of the museum.