Based on A real story: Video Game “Path Out”

In the European Youth Awards, 2019 was one project that I found different from the others, it was a computer game telling the real story of Abdullah, a Syrian refugee that is trying to survive and escape the war zone during the Syrian war clashes.

As a fan of biography films that are telling an interesting life story, I found the idea of this game as a great way of telling the story from a Syrian individual perspective.
Letting the option of taking part in the quest of Abdullah in an active way, compared to a passive one (movie) is much more exciting and maybe even creates more empathy with Abdullah.

Although the graphics were not “my cup of tea” I picked it as my favorite project because I was very impressed by the story behind the game. I hope that more games based on real stories will be created in the future.

From the place I stand now, I can’t see myself applying for the EYA 2020 but things can change.