Late introduction

I know, my first blogpost is coming quite late. But I am working on it for a while now. When thinking about the topic of my masterthesis I soon realized that I can’t and rather don’t want to decide that yet. I want to use this space and time for a topic I would really love to know more about, which is typography. Or rather type design. A topic that might or might not be part of my masterthesis. We’ll see.

Approximately one month ago, I started to read a book, the „Letterfontäne“. This might be thickest reference book I have ever read. And although I have already spent quite a lot time on it, I am not even halfway through. The reason for this might be that I have to read everything at least twice. Otherwise I feel like all the knowledge disappears just after reading it.

On the one hand, my goal is to gain lots of knowledge, to look at as many fonts as possible, to analyze them and really get to understand letters and their shapes. On the other hand I want to start designing my own type. I have quite a concrete idea in mind for some time now, but I never managed to realize it. At our workshop with Daniel Perraudin this month I had the possibility to do some first sketches. But more about that later.