Missing lectures

#1 Andrey Sudarikov: is a Russian designer doing mainly AR, Interaction and Game Design. He gave some insight about international projects he was doing. In all of his projects you could really engage and it is all about providing experiences.

#2 Astrid Kury: is the director of the »Akademie Graz« and the topic of her talk were »collaborations«. She was pointing out the importance of collaborations in our community. It enables you to create unique solutions and get new insights. As an example she mentions a collaborations between creatives and teenagers with down syndrome. 

#4 Florian Doppel-Prix: was talking about the importance of working with a concept. You should include all aspects of perception when working on a project. Planing can be boring and exhausting, but it can also be a lot of fun as it’s a challenge for everyone involved. 

#5 Burcin Cem Arabacioglu: is a professor based in Istanbul. In his lecture he ist talking about the rapidly increasing population and the fatal consequences of it. He points out that designers have the responsibility to educate others about sustainability. There is enough knowledge about building more sustainable cities, but many people just don’t care or think about it. 

#6 Sylwia Ulicka: is a designer and lecturer from Puebla in Mexico. In her work she focuses on sustainability. She is appealing to us to question our modern material culture since we as designers have the power to make a change. She explains eco-efficiency as an approach that adds more value to goods and services by reducing the resources and decreasing the level of environmental pollution – to produce more with using up and polluting less. 

#7 Ursula Tischner: and her team are looking for better ways to design sustainable systems. She explains that consumption has the biggest impact on global warming. Her goal is to produce more radical sustainable solutions and she is working on a platform that is called »Sustainability Maker«. I think it’s really interesting what she said about eco products: »People can buy eco products but use it in a way that is not eco at all«. (=overconsumption)