Missing Comments

Since I watched three lectures and wrote the longer essays about them quite a while a go I managed to watched all the others in the mean time. 

So here are my short comments on the missing ones:

Burçin Cem Arabacıoglu
Burçin talked about architecture and urban planning and why sustainability is a crucial aspect concerning it. I liked his idea of designers educating common people about sustainibility. 

Florian Doppel-Prix
Florian talked a lot about the importance of concepts. What was quite memorizable for me was his saying that nothing is easy, but everything is manageable. 

Astrid Kury
Astrid talked about the importance of collaborations between different creatives and I liked her thought of sharing ideas rather than keeping them secret. Together it is easier to make progress than it is all alone. 

Andrey Sudarikov
Andrey is a Russian interaction designer who talked about three of his projects. I liked the third one the most, because the idea of engaging (young) people to join exhibitions is something that is really significant in my opinion.

Ursula Tischner
Ms. Tischner was speaking about the importance of the acceptance of sustainable design by the users. She also adressed all the designers to make sustainable solutions attractive options for them. 

Thanks for reading,
Julian 🙂