What a time to be alive!

The world we live in always changed in the history of time, but never changed as quickly as it does today. It took the iPhone only twelve years to make the world a different place to live than it was before. I presume the speed technology is making progress with won’t stagnate in the future and that’s why I think the world will also keep changing. For designers it is crucial to at least try to understand the environment they are living in, because only if they understand problems as a whole, they are able to solve them properly. Print is on its retreat, and even though it is a very beautiful medium for communication, designers need to keep up with the technological progress. 
Nowadays people tend to read way more than they did ever before. The difference today is just, that they read much shorter texts on screens all the time instead of reading books like they used to. So it seems like screens will be our future medium of choice – I am not sure how long they will be. At the moment I would consider variable fonts and animated graphic design as the big top-design-trends right now. With my research I will try to find out what actually comes next, what is interesting for me as a designer and also what could maybe be interesting for what kind of client.

Looking forward to the future – Julian