The first semester comes to an end in no time and that is the reason for this post. I simply wanted to state that I am surprised how much I enjoyed the education we got. 

For my part, I used the first semester to experiment with different techniques and tried mixing some of them with one another. As I wrote in my first blog post, the most interesting thing in my opinion is to have a look at the future of visual design. What I found out so far, is that the borders between the different design disciplines are disappearing more and more and it is very crucial for a designer to at least know some things about other disciplines than their specialized one too. I for example may not be the best graphic designer, web-designer oder type-designer at all, but I try to understand all of those disciplines and I always try to combine the ones I need for a specific project. 

I have not had any real experience with web design so far, but had the possibility to create a digital version of last years forward magazine and succeeded. I succeeded, although I did something I wasn’t aware I was capable of.  The fact that I allowed myself to enter a new path is the reason why I will also be able to create a digital version of next years forward magazine, what is a super cool opportunity for me to get some exposure (plus some money). Although everyone is talking about specialization, it is definitely not my way of thinking. I try to soak up as much knowledge as I can and I try to build a skillset with very diverse skills, to be able to realize my own ideas. As a matter of fact design is changing and some „specializations“ will simply get redundant.

Although topics such as animated posters, may rather be the present than the future, I tried to create some quick ones, just to get a feeling what this dynamic medium can offer me over static posters. Besides the static and animated posters, you can also visit: www.julianpresent.com/forward to get insights on what I did.