L8. Anastasia and Martin Lesjak

Really cool to see some sophisticated work from Graz! The design Studio Innocad and 13&9 had some really interesting projects combing several disciplines.

First off, the lighting system of the Solar Innovation Centre was thrilling! I also like the idea of capturing the different moods of the day by colouring the windows, so when the sun shines through the room is «painted» by the colour. The use of mirrors, shapes and sensors in the entry hall, looks amazing. I really want to experience in real life!

The other projects really show the strength that lies in the interdisciplinary coworking. Combining architecture with fashion they present some really nice pieces. Foremost the office they are working in the «Golden Nugget». They were not closing the gap between the existing building, but just using bricks, almost like Tetris to create the space to work in. As gold has been a basic theme for the studio since it was founded, it also laid the foundation for creating the headquarters. A lot of thought was put into using the golden cut. So the headquarters appears simplistic on the outside, but has a quite sophisticated richness when looking at the details. I like that! 

Further projects were concerning making armoury fashion at the Zeughaus (rolling stones) and creating a “moving floor” where the appearance of the floor changes, depending on the angle it is looked at. The “dynamic” and interdisciplinary element of their work is what makes these projects so great, I think.