05 – Burcin Cem Arabacioglu

Istanbul has always been a favorite city of mine, I love traveling there because there is always something to discover, especially in terms of design. The talk of Prof. Dr. Burcin Cem Arabicioglu is focusing of achieving a sustainable lifestyle to have a positive impact on the environment. Arabacioglu brings the dangers of our lifestyle towards environmental damaging, which I personally know most of them. But the interesting points of his speech is how he shows the different areas of society and how to implement sustainable projects to counteracting environmental pollution like economics, ecology, culture and politics. Regarding to design he mentioned also interior architecture, which was especially interesting to me because I have my background in this are. I also very liked the the quotes he brings, which underlines the topic and makes people think. Examples: „The whole world will be intelligent, educated, and co-operating; things will move faster and faster towards the subjugation of Nature. In the end, wisely and carefully we shall re-adjust the balance of animal and vegetable meet to suit our human needs“ – Herbert George Wells. and also this was inspiring to me: „We’re at war with nature. If we win, we’re lost.” – Hubert Reeves.