07 – Ursula Tischner

The talk of Ursula Tischner is about designing for sustainability. She has her career background in architecture and industrial design, especially eco design including social impacts. At first there are shown some negative consequences of environmental pollution like overfishing or air pollution. Bringing up facts like Canada being as the country with the most biggest emissions in the world makes it more touchable for the audience to realize the problem. The 3 consumptions domains energy and housing, mobility and tourism, food and agriculture are mentioned the whole talk long, so these are the main topics which people have to focus on when it comes to taking action in sustainability. I personally very liked the interesting examples of the sustainable dance floor in Rotterdam, where more electricity is produced the more people are dancing. A nice outcome of that is to see how the lights change when people are moving around. Also the example of the trash bin witch makes a sound when throwing something away is a nice way of affecting people in their behavior regarding to sustainability.