#05 Sustainability from interior design by Burcin-Cem-Arabacioglu

Burcin Cem Arabacioglu holds his lecture about sustainability in architecture and interior design.

In the beginning he talks about the population in Istanbul and the problem that interior design is not sustainable. Todays concepts would not be sustainable due to the fact that building requirements and builders often had other aims for building in general. Therefore, he describes the development of sustainability as a city possibility by pointing out the major problems and a historical view how everything developed like it is today and what could be somehow changed. The concept about sustainability is not a concept initialised by a majority of the people. For most people the sustainable solutions are unclear. That is one of the main points that needs to be worked on.

“We are in war with nature. If we win, we will lose”

 In the middle of the 20 century the first movements started to think and fight for nature. Sustainability in normal local culture is in connection to technology. Urban systems can be more sustainable for resource less production than others the potential lies in social possibilities. A sustainable city should be a place that has a minimum need of energy that is not renewable. The biggest problem of sustainability is that the building sector has less need to change something. Therefore it is important for professionals to teach others and give a general knowledge about sustainability and why it is needed to be achieved. To achieve sustainability in cities there are for interior designers Breeam criteria that are energy water health and contentment and material that categorise cities and that help to improve the situations. In the end he talks about solutions. The professionals by themselves will not change that much it starts by ourselves that gives the possibility of environment and as designers the ideas can be sustainable by simply showing and indicating ideas that easily can be adopted and spread.

The point I really liked at Burcins presentation was that every little step and every step in general could change everything. Starting by ourselves we can implement the idea to others by just some little changes. I even liked that he compared it with inception the film which made it more common for myself.