#01 PLAYDISPLAY an AR support for reality by Andrey Sudarikov

Andrey Sudarikov who is an Installation artist told in his lecture about the use of AR technology in installations.

He began his lecture with the idea of an installation of an Augmented Reality where you could colour your own plane. In the installation you can then see you plane flying from an airport. In several different places he made this installation and even improved it. The basics for this installation were a short film were he had kids that drew on a car and in several games the design then came alive. So his focus was to get information of a real environment and to bring them in a transformed way virtual in a living form. Another thing that he made was an interactive jump game that they presented on several ferry’s and even at shopping malls. To realice these projects one very important point he mentions  is to make some drawings and a prototype that is presentable that a client could get a vision and invest in it.  That is even a thing that might be one of the secrets of his success. In the end he thinks about how he could realize the projects and how the technical standards in the time he realizes the project supports his projects. Another thing that he mentions is that his personal contacts with important people is important to realize projects. He mentions that his friendship with several ministers or the leader of the airport helped him to realize the project and that it is a good way to present a vision and to make others trust in your ideas.

Another project that he mentioned was the historical project in a museum that brought back some part of the history and showed the buildings around the museum before world war two and after the damage that was done and even a scenario where a viewer could get to the process of war. In this project one of the difficulties was that they had to rebuild everything like it was and not how they wanted. After the bombing in the second world war it was really hard to recreate how every street and house looked like and they always had to ask the clients. The priorities in this project was for Andrey to make something historical cool but for his clients to rebuild and to save the memory like it was before.

To sum everything up in a project you need a good plan and a good prototype in the beginning. With a good concept you can convince clients of you that they even search after you. Another thing that is important is personal contact. With the right relations everything is possible.