EYA 2019 Path Out: serious game and autobiography

On the EYA 2019 where many interesting concepts of start-ups but one of them excited me the most. It was the game “Path Out”.

In this game you play as Abdullah Al- Karam (who is the graphic designer and a syrian refugee) the odyseey of him getting to Europe as a refugee. In different Levels you can autobiographic play his decisions and guide him to his destination. It was for me somehow a proof that today games are more than just a thing for little kids. To tell story’s or to give a feeling for such a situation this kind of game could be some kind of educational and historical document that brings a conflict to live and lets you as a gamer get into the game. My ideas about this kind of game is that there could be a possibility to use to give a better understanding of conflicts happening all the time every minute in the world. This could not just give a better understanding for young people which might not be interested in situations happening not in front of their homes. When we compare this game with assassins creed which somehow gives historical information about different times in a game the success even for schools could be huge. Learning while gaming, understanding by refeeling the situation. I mean if school would be a game everything would be more interesting.

for the next year I might not apply to EYA 2020 because I can not imagine about an idea that might be as interesting as path out or eye build. I mean for now everything is still new and university has so many different approaches that can guid me to thoughts that I can not know now. Even with the other students I can image the we can get some good ideas by discussing or at a beer.