Is it art or can we toss it?

Florian Doppel-Prix works in the field of exhibition technology. In his lecture he shares some insights about his company and projects where he was involved.

His company cat-x made some very interesting installations and exhibitions, containing music technology, video mappings and much more. Also, Florian Doppel-Prix builds tube amps with another company named Kaulbach.

After presenting some projects he gives a list of important issues to consider:

  • Most important is the content, not technology. Technology is not going to save you if you project lacks of substance.
  • Prototyping is significant and helps to stay creative with problem solving
  • Budgets are crucial, make sure to not downgrade your project because it is “just” art. Budgets include the people working on your projects.
  • Computers don’t make it easier, they are just a tool.
  • his personal 40/40/20% rule:
    • 40% is specific knowledge, like how to work with technology
    • 40% is common sense
    • 20% is luck, sometimes things just work. But you should not rely on those 20%. Better be solid with the 80% you can control.

I enjoyed Florian Doppel-Prix’s lecture, not only because he gave it in the beautiful surrounding of his garden. The presented projects looked very interesting and I did not often have the opportunity of an insight behind the scenes of an exhibition.

Also I always am impressed when people dedicate themselves to a variety of professional directions. Manufacturing tube amplifiers sounds like an an interesting and fun job.