Lecture #2 – Saskia Schmidt

In her lecture Work Work Balance Saskia Schmidt talks about her path to self-employment. Everything started with a design education in her hometown. In order to learn more about creativity she starts studying Information Design in Graz. During her study she discovered that she’s most interested in Branding. 

„Ein guter Gestalter kennt die Regeln und setzt sie außer Kraft“

During and after her studies she did internships at different agencies in Graz and Berlin. She also said to chose an agency not because of their reputation but because where you feel you can learn most. She said, she also had the opportunity to work in bigger agencies but rather choose a smaller one. The advantage of smaller agencies is that you get your own projects much faster because there is less staff. During her internships she learn a lot about typography, materials and book binding. She even was able to work on own of her internship projects for her bachelors thesis. 

She also talks about how it took a few attempts until she finally managed to work self-employed. 

„Das schönste Netzwerk besteht aus Freunden“ During her internships she managed to build a quit big network – and it pushes her motivation when she can work with friends on projects.

I really liked her lecture. It was really interesting to hear her journey and also the parts where she struggled and how she overcame those obstacles.