Lecture #8 – Innocad

In their lecture Anastasija & Martin Lesjak introduce their architectural office Innocad and their product design studio 13&9. Their office is in the Golden Nugget in Graz and their team is transdisciplinary and have a holistic approach for every project: architecture, interior design, product design, sound design & research.

Project #1 – Solar Innovation Center

The first project they talk about is the Solar Innovation Center in the dessert of Dubai. The spiral-shaped building has an atrium in the middle and looks very futuristic. They used mirrors to always project the light to the tip of the tower and used a special foil to divide the light into its spectral colors. This way the colors change depending on the time of the day/which window the light is shining in. They also used sound which is connected to the current color. 

Project #2 – Architectural Fashion 

Architectural Fashion is an exhibition in Berlin, which really shows their holistic and interdisciplinary approach. For the exhibition three of their projects where transformed into fashion. 

  • Golden Nugget: Inspired by their office building Golden Nugget, they designed a dress, which also was inspired by the golden ratio. The material they used for that piece was 3d-knitted metal fibre. 
  • Rolling Stones: armory museum (Zeughaus) in Graz. They were inspired by the Murnockerl and used Stone Veneer to create a modern armory. 
  • Moving Floors: a project where the appearance of the floor changed/moved, depending on the angle it is looked at. For the fashion piece they used similar squares to re-create this depth. 

They also created sound installations, that where inspired by each project.